Technical HelpDesk

From 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, our friendly technical team will answer any queries you have concerning the installation or operation of Sherston software.

01666 843 224

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"You really have been very helpful. It's a pity there aren't more people like you working on helpdesks. Your voice was so soothing and calming....." - Julie Gray, address withheld (8th April 2008)

"How can you improve anything that is nigh on perfect? The phone was answered immediately, the fault was analyzed and within 10 minutes I was on the way to the computer to fix the problem... you can't get better than that." - D B, Brookhill Leys Primary School, Eastwood, Notts (1st October 2007)

"... thanks for your help on the 2 issues we’ve had today, both times the response has been knowledgeable and complete and would have been ideal for any level of technical know how." - J P, St Gabriels School, Newbury (27 June 2007)

"Excellent response! Query resolved. Sherston, in my book, are the best software supplier for support." - H F, High March School, Beaconsfield (07.03.2006)

"Brilliant, the phone was answered immediately with a warm courteous greeting, patient listening and careful explanation. How can you better that?" - C P, Dunbury School, DT11 (16.11.2006)