Easi-Ears Digital Audio System (EL00295)

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Easi-Ears, a new digital audio system designed for primary schools and nurseries. Comprising of a set of six different coloured headphones, remote control unit, docking station for recharging and software. Easi-Ears enables teachers to put their own audio content (e.g. in MP3 format) onto the headphones so that children can listen independently or as a group. The headphones are wireless, so children are not tied to a CD player, enabling them to be active whilst listening inside or outdoors.

• Teacher can control play, pause and track selection on the headsets
• Unique broadcast feature - teacher can interrupt listening and speak to all headsets
• MP3 recorder / player
• Transmit content to headsets
• MP3 line input
• Battery life approx. 20 hours

• Robust - the headphones are extremely robust; the headband can even be twisted without them breaking.
• Adjustable - suitable for the youngest children right through to adults, the headphones are simply placed onto your head and then pulled down to fit until they cover your ears. The action of putting the headphones in place also triggers the headphones to switch on automatically and play.
• Comfortable, replaceable ear cushions - Unlike other headsets, the ear cushions on the Easi-Ears headphones are difficult for children to pick and remove. However, should teachers wish to replace them, spares are available to purchase. The cushions are also of a substance that means they can be wiped clean for hygiene.
• Automatic pause - if the headphones are removed whilst in use, the track will pause automatically for approx 20 mins, enabling the child to return to the headphones and pick up where they left off. If they are not used again after 20mins they will switch off completely.
• Visual indication of modes -there are three coloured LEDs on the headphones to indicate the state of use. This is useful for the teacher so they can see what's happening whilst the headphones are in use. For example, flashing red - needs recharging; green - track is playing; flashing green - track is paused, amber - signal being transmitted from the remote control unit.
• Rechargeable - the headphones are recharged through the docking station supplied.
• Capacity - the headphones and remote control unit have the capacity to hold approx 2 hours MP3 recording time. This is a substantial amount and more than adequate for classroom use.
• Battery life - approx 12 hours

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