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123-CD Special Edition brings Sherston's best-selling early years numeracy title to the modern classroom, with top-notch graphics and professionally recorded narration, song and music!

Learning is at it's best when we're having fun. Wizit the Wizard's twelve interactive Maths games and number rhymes get your children to grips with the complexities of counting and early number work - all without realising that they're learning! Best of all, full narration makes 123-CD Special Edition perfect for early readers and non-readers alike.

Straightforward teacher options allow you to tailor the experience to your learners and record keeping makes evidencing to parents and OFSTED a breeze. New in this Special Edition are a range of accessibility features including:

  • Customisable mouse pointers that support learners with visual impairments.
  • Switch support for learners with physical disabilities.

123-CD Special Edition is perfect for independent use or small group work (including on touchscreens!) - we know you'll want to use this title with your whole class on the Interactive Whiteboard, so we've included a Teachers Toolkit specifically for that reason!


Want to try this product in your classroom, free of charge, with no commitment to buy? UK schools arrange an obligation free 21-day approval period by telephone on 01666 843200 or e-mail to sales@sherston.com

As with all Sherston titles, installing and using your software couldn't be easier. The software can be installed to individual workstations – or to the network – so the days of scratched and misplaced discs stay firmly where they belong: in the past. We also understand that budgets are tight – so we design our software to run on the lowest possible system requirements: If your computer runs Windows 7 or later, it can run our software.


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Numeracy, Basic Skills
Age Range:
< 5
  • Ten fully narrated activities
  • Reciting the number names 1 - 10 in order
  • Recognising and using numerals 1-10
  • Counting a set of objects
  • Understanding the terms more and fewer
  • Counting in twos
  • Counting on from any given number
  • Teacher’s Toolkit designed for interactive whiteboard use, including finger counting activity, four number rhymes, number tracing activity and reward sequences
  • Inclusion and Support features
  • Comprehensive Teacher Options
  • Record Keeping


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User Guides and Other Documentation

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Technical Details

Operating Systems:
Windows XP, 7, Vista (patch required) and Mac OS X (separate versions for each)
V2 (Director 10)
Technical Notes:
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